making space work with movable acoustic walls

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There are two styles of solid acoustic operable walls

  • Type 110

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This type of wall requires the panels to be supported from the ceiling and are known as ‘Top Hung’ . The can vary in height to in excess of six metres  and can give acoustic reduction of up to to 57dB.

The weight of each panel is dependant upon the acoustic reduction required and the panels come in three styles




This type of wall is supported on the floor and is known as ‘Bottom Roller’.

The panels are hinged and bi fold into the stacking position which can only be at the end of the wall.

The wall can split in the middle with a double opening door, or fold to one end with a single opening door panel at the end of the wall.

The wall comes as 80mm thick and the maximum dB reduction achievable is 47dB

Separate panels

Hinged panels